Sports Artist Ben Caraher, Clemente Lisa and Andrew Raycroft

Hot stuff this week! Ben Caraher, from Sports Card Mosaics stops in to talk about his cool baseball card art mosaics (1:41:46), former Boston Bruin goalie Andrew Raycroft talks hockey with me (1:09:42) and Clemente Lisi joins me to talk World Cup (37:25). We have all our regular features including Bakers Dozen (16:28), Fast Forward Football (1:01:33), Making the Grade (1:18:14), TTMCast Stamp of Approval (1:23:26), Vern Rapp Minute (1:28:18) and TTM Returns (1:32:21). We are giving away a copy of Clemente Lisi’s new book. Send email to win at

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